The idea of drafting a will can often be a daunting process for many and is very often avoided.
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The idea of drafting a will can often be a daunting process for many and is very often avoided. It is advisable that all people have a will, particularly if there are property or children involved. Tracy Horan and Co. Solicitors can give you expert guidance to ensure that your wishes are provided for in any will and give advice as to any further legal implications arising.

Tracy Horan and Co. Solicitors also offer advice in relation other planning matters such as Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney and Wardship.

Probate and Administration of Estates

The death of a loved one is always a difficult event in life. Often many changes follow and these may involve changes of a legal nature in relation to the assets of the loved one and how they must be dealt with. It may be necessary to take steps to deal with his/her assets and property so as to give effect to his/her wishes as expressed in a will or to comply with the rules of law which apply when someone dies without having made a will. When a person passes away his/her assets and property are referred to as his/her estate.

The administration of an estate is carried out by the person who is appointed executor of the will. However the administration is far from straightforward and often involves a number of other legal requirements such as conveyancing and tax implications.

Tracy Horan and Co. Solicitors offer considered advice to ensure that a deceased’s person estate is dealt with efficiently and in accordance with all relevant legislation. Tracy Horan and Co. Solicitors can help you with the following:

  • Testate estates (deceased has a Will)
  • Intestate estates (deceased has died without a Will)
  • Advice for Executors (testate estates) and Administrators (intestate estates)
  • Advice on the rights of the various persons who may have an entitlement to benefit from a deceased person’s estate which may include the surviving spouse, surviving civil partner or cohabitants, their children, siblings, nieces and nephews or other relative / next of kin
  • Advice on the possibility of challenging a Will

If you would like more information in relation to Wills, Probate and/or Administration of Estates please contact our Litigation team at Tracy Horan and Co. Solicitors.